Vintage Transport


Who are some of your customers?

We have done all the national deliveries of authentic Williamsburg era reproduction antiques of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for over 5 years. We handle most of the southeastern deliveries for Baker, Knapp and Tubbs. We serve the needs of 2000 antique dealers and private collectors around the United States. Ninety percent of our business is repeat or referral.

What happens if you damage my antique?

If it is minor, easily restorable damage, we will repair and/or restore the item to your satisfaction in our own restoration shop. If it is irreparably damaged, you will be reimbursed at the declared value that you gave us at the time you booked the order.

What type of trucks do you operate?

There are currently 30 trucks in our fleet. We operate both tractor trailers and straight-box delivery trucks, primarily the latter because they allow better access for home deliveries. All our trucks are customized with air-ride suspension and an extensive system of logistical tie downs in the cargo area. We can also prepare, pack and crate shipments for international transport.

How do you price?

Our fees are primarily based on cubic feet and distance traveled, but there are other factors such as extremely fragile pieces, which may or may not require crating, insurance costs (the higher the declared value, the higher the cost) and very large or heavy items that require an additional person or equipment.

Will you ship anything?

We will ship any furniture item, antique item or piece of artwork. We also ship pianos, copy machines, certain electronic equipment and other unusual odds and ends that most transportation companies tend to avoid. We can also prepare, pack and crate shipments for international transport.

If I book and order with you today, how long will it take for you to complete the pickup and delivery?

First, it depends on the pickup and delivery locations, size of the order, and where our trucks are at the time the order is booked. For example, our trucks sweep most regions of the country every 7-10 days. Generally you can expect a pickup within 10 days of booking an order. We consolidate orders into each region everyday in our 2 hubs: Atlanta and Phoenix. We dispatch into these regions as quickly as demand dictates. We do not promise specific time frames but we keep it moving as fast as possible and it means generally 1-3 weeks from start to finish except for relatively remote areas.

How do your prices compare with the large national household movers and other trucking companies?

Call them for an estimate and then compare the costs. You will find, in most cases, that we are less expensive than the national van lines. That is because they specialize in the larger household moves and are not setup the way we are to cater to small shipments. However, we are also equipped to handle larger sized moves and we have found that our rates and transit times are competitive with the large van lines.

Vintage Transport